Ambience. Interior Design

  • interior design
  • studio for elegant
  • style and unique
  • atmosphere.

ambience /'æmbiəns/ {noun} means atmosphere, air, aura, climate, mood.

architekt wnetrz krakow



Ambience. Interior Design

  • interior design
  • studio for elegant
  • style and unique
  • atmosphere.

ambience /'æmbiəns/ {noun} means atmosphere, air, aura, climate, mood.

aranzacje wnetrz krakow


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who are we

Ambience. is an interior design studio created by Agnieszka Konieczna. Created to design interiors at the heighest level, with an unique aesthetics, tailored to the needs and tastes of our customers, but also adapted to various budgets. We design interiors from low-budget to luxury ones.

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offer for you

Ambience. Interior Design does not only make full interior design projects. With us, you can precisely adjust the scope of the project to your needs. We offer cooperation from conceptual projects to full ones.

You are not sure if you want to entrust your home design to us? You wonder if we will have ideas that you like? Call and arrange a non-binding meeting. Together, we will drink coffee and talk about how your interior could look like.



a number of satisfied customers

Neil from London

“We had Agnieszka design the full refurbishment of our Central London flat and have been extremely happy with process, the quality of the artefacts produced and a final design that delivered far more from the property than we could have hoped for.

Covering all aspects of the development from plans covering re-modelling, electrics, floor and wall coverings to fully researched and costed schedules of materials and furniture, working with Agnieszka has helped ensure that we were in the best possible position when the builders arrived.

Whether you’re just looking for help with re-configuring your living spaces or are planning a full scale refurbishment I couldn’t recommend ambience and Agnieszka more highly.”

Dominika from Chorzów

“Agnieszka designed us a bathroom and a children’s room and advised how to decorate the living room.
1. She made an excellent interview and skilfully investigated what we mean.
2. She planned the realistically preparation of projects and fit in with everything in time! (our gratitude for it was and is huge :)
3. I proposed bolder and more normal solutions :) Although even the normal ones were exceptional for me. In life I would not fall for it!
4. The contractors worked great with the projects and we efficiently ordered the things indicated by Mrs. Agnieszka (more expensive and cheaper to choose from).
It was like I liked it – we had a choice and it was specific.”

Aneta from Bytom

“(…)Mrs. Agnieszka not only prepared the wonderful interior, proposing to us solutions that we would not have thought of, but also accompanied us patiently all the time, both at the design stage and implementation.
Thank you very much – Ambience. Interior Design for help in building our dream house!”

Ewelina from Dąbrowa Górnicza

“I had the pleasure of consulting my apartment arrangement designs with the Ambience office and I recommend them without blinking. Professionalism with every inch: perfect sense of aesthetics, great patience with the client, accuracy and timeliness, good understanding of the products available on the market, consideration of practical aspects of arrangement, conscientious execution of tasks and of course the WOW effect at the end! Expectations met 100%.”

Jacek from Cracow

“It has been pure pleasure working with Agnieszka, she perfectly interprets the needs and expectations. She designed our kitchen and we are very happy with it. We recommend.”

Milena from Warsaw

I started working with Mrs. Agnieszka, after unpleasant experiences associated with working with another designer. My specialists have already started renovation, and I didn’t have a project. At that time I also asked Agnieszka for help and it was a very good decision :) He is impressed by the extremely professional approach to the client whom I had never met before. Agnieszka, due to my difficult renovation situation, completed the project for me in a short time, but without any rush that could affect the effect. Although we only cooperated remotely, it was not a hindrance. Contact with Agnieszka was sensational, I received a quick reply to every email :) I highly recommend and thank you :)

Paulina from Cracow

“Creative projects, professional projects, punctuality and good contact with the client :) We highly recommend”

Emilia from Warsaw

I highly recommend cooperation with Mrs. Agnieszka! This is our first apartment and we have long wondered whether we need an architect or not do it ourselves. The cost of the project is a drop in the sea at the price of the apartment and its finish. Visualizations and solutions proposed by Mrs. Agnieszka exceeded our expectations! The apartment is fully functional, and visualizations have been appreciated on various interior design portals. Most importantly, we fit into the budget for finishing and avoided costly mistakes. We are full of admiration for the professionalism, commitment and number of issues raised in the interview ;) Thank you very much for your time, friendly cooperation and a gift! :)

Agata from Wrocław

We have been thinking for a long time about working with an interior architect. Now I can fully confirm that it was the best decision! Mrs. Agnieszka is a very reliable, accurate and friendly person, and most importantly, she puts a lot of heart into her work. She designed the interior of a 3-room apartment with an annex in Wrocław. We accepted the project without any amendment! It really wasn’t a simple task to meet the expectations of two people with similar but sometimes different tastes. First, she conducted a thorough interview about what we like, she advised what solutions would work best for our yardage. When she sent us the visualization, we were shocked how brilliantly she fulfilled our dream and expectations about the interior design of the apartment. If anyone hesitates about whether it’s worth it – believe it is really worth it! You won’t regret it. Thanks to the cost estimates and visualizations we have already been able to sign contracts with furniture contractors, etc. It is also important that the prior arrangement of materials allowed us to compare prices proposed by individual companies. In addition, at the end we received a nice gift from Agnieszka for a new apartment :) thank you again for your cooperation!

Jędrzej from Warsaw

A professionally made project. Permanent and quick contact with Mrs. Agnieszka. I am very pleased with the final result and recommend it to everyone :)

Karol from Cracow

Mrs. Agnieszka created a project and oversaw the implementation of my apartment in Krakow – it went better than I expected, the arrangement compared to that proposed by the developer was completely changed into a big plus – the apartment is comfortably laid out. Great design, Agnieszka decorated the apartment in accordance with my taste and proposed several solutions that I would not have come up with myself – interesting combinations of different tile designs, cool lighting solutions – small spot lamps provide light, while others create the atmosphere :) And wardrobes designed for the apartment made to measure, great thing because there is a lot of space and it didn’t even come out expensive. The help of an architect is invaluable in the selection of materials, I would doctorate myself for hours to choose good and not overpay, and I would probably miss something. Agnieszka also supervised the implementation, which saved me a lot of time and stress – taking orders, instructions for contractors and making sure that everything was in accordance with the project is a pile of work, this is my first apartment and I am very happy that I did not take it on myself and I could calmly stay tuned and enjoy your progress :) I highly recommend!